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Ugandan Mountains

Eco-friendly Menstrual Hygiene

How do we bring women's empowerment and environmental sustainability together?


Read our latest blog on the success of our women's savings groups.


I Am A Girl - Uganda is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with offices in the United States and Uganda. Our focus is to promote, protect and advocate for the rights and wellbeing of girls and women in Uganda. We are advocates of period justice, gender equality and economic opportunity.


Teenage Ugandan girls laughing and sitting in the grass while listening to a lecture on reproductive health.

It's time to break the cycle so girls can bleed with dignity 

Our programs


Economic opportunity

Supporting local women's savings groups by offering financial literacy workshops and skill building activities. 


Mental health advocacy

Establishing care groups and mental health first aid workshops to combat anxiety, depression and PTSD.


Women's clinic

Providing affordable sexual and reproductive healthcare to rural villages. 


Reusable pads

Teaching girls how to sew reusable pads to manage their menstrual days, enabling them to stay in school.

Women and girls sitting outside weaving colorful baskets.

Girls miss 11% of the school year in Mbale because of their periods.

Our trained clinical staff works with women and girls to to educate them on  proper menstrual hygiene and reduce menstruation stigma in the community. 

A class of middle school girls in uniform with their teachers. They are smiling while each holding up a box of sanitary pads.
Group of ugandan women hard at work around an outdoor kitchen pot.
colorful handmade baskets with local patterns woven into them.
Mbale women gather together after an I am a girl (IAG) training session for a group photo. I the center they hold an IAG banner.

This is where you come in. 

Your support can help us make the epidemic of dropping out of school because of menstruation a problem of the past.

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