Girls miss 11% of school because of their periods in Uganda.

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94% of girls wanted to buy period products but couldn't due to poverty and/or lack of resources.

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Absenteeism and period poverty lead to child marriage and pregnancy.

What are we doing?

The big question:
Why menstrual hygiene?

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Reusable Pads

We are teaching girls how to make reusable pads so they can care for their our menstrual cycle, and teach peers how to care for theirs. 

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Care Groups

Supported by a grant by AWIU, our care groups are uniting girls in the community so they can step up to support each other in times of need. We've trained the leaders in mental health first aid and leadership. 

Menstrual Hygiene

Our trained clinical staff trains girls on proper menstrual hygiene, reducing menstruation stigma in the community. 

All of our work is thanks to our generous donors and community partners.
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