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Women's Groups in Mbale

Updated: Jul 30

Women's lending circle meeting outside in Uganda.

Care Groups

In early August we led our first ever mental health initiative. We invited a trainer to teach Psychological First Aid, so our community care group leaders would be better equipped to lead groups consisting of young vulnerable girls. Approximately 1 in 5 of the girls we serve have been a victim of domestic violence, rape, or bullying. These groups were supported by a grant by American Women for International Understanding, and have led to improved psychological wellbeing and menstrual hygiene awareness. We are encouraged by the commitment and dedication the women and girls have had in these care groups, constantly striving to better themselves and their peers. We are working hard to ensure these girls are supported and their mental health is not ignored.

Savings Groups

Our savings groups continue to prosper and expand. What started with one group of approximately 50 women in Bumuluya has now expanded to 200 women in Bumuluya, Luki, Jewa and Wabukhasa. We have provided chickens to one of the groups, and will be providing more in the next few weeks. These chickens will produce eggs to be sold at the market, further supporting these women and their communities. We have also trained the women in basket weaving, and the next phase of the program will include farming. We are excited to promote financial literacy, vocational skills, and entrepreneurship among our participants.

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