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Interview with Mpogo Islamic Centre Director Hajji Mutwalibu Kafo

Updated: Jul 30

Dorothy: What first inspired you to be involved with IAG?

Hajji: The presentation of IAG to MIC was organized and had evidenced based work that was authentic. The burning passion of the presenters to change the world and create impact ignited my passion too. I believe that women need hope and what better way was there than to support IAG’s work. IAG and MIC have common approaches to the community [livelihood] however the IAG approach was sustainable and standardized.IAG are very organized in terms of reporting and accountability which made me trust what you do.

Dorothy: What programs have you supported in the past?

Hajji: We have supported the eco friendly re-usable pads [Nabisolo primary school & Mpogo primary school] program and the basket weaving program for women.

Dorothy: How would you like to continue supporting?

Hajji: We have been supporting IAG on our subsidiary funds, given we had no partnership plans for this year. However we look forward to a more organized partnership in the coming years for better results. Our support will primarily be focused on menstrual hygiene and pads for young girls, we hope for a better future if girls stay in school.

Dorothy: How do you see the partnership evolving?

Hajji: The partnership is going on well and I look forward to supporting even more projects as far as livelihood is concerned.

Dorothy: How do you see our impact together with the community?

Hajji: The work of IAG in the community is tremendous; I feel proud that MIC has partnered with such great people to create an impact in the community. There is amazing feedback from the community and evidence based work. IAG is doing a great work.

Mpogo Islamic Centre has been one of our strongest partnerships, greatly improving the lives of women and girls in the community.

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