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Eco-friendly menstrual hygiene, connecting women's empowerment and the environment

Updated: Jul 30

In early March of this year, 20 teachers gathered in the Busoga region to attend a reusable pad workshop. The workshop, hosted in partnership with CECOD-FEE, trained attendees in the making of reusable pads so that they may go on to teach others how to make their own menstrual products.

CECOD is an environmental sustainability organization that has been supporting reusable pad trainings with I Am A Girl since 2019. Reusable pads not only help keep girls in school, but also support the health of the planet by eliminating the need for disposable pads and tampons, which can take hundreds of years to decompose and release toxic chemicals and micro-plastics into the environment as they do.

With 20 more teachers now equipped to empower others to make their own reusable pads, I Am A Girl and CECOD are excited to continue building a future in which all women and girls have access to safe, affordable, and sustainable menstrual care.

Ugandan adults from the community in a school house partaking in a workshop on financial literacy.

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