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About I Am A Girl

Eradicate household poverty and build healthier communities by empowering women and girls with the tools to recognize their worth, care for their menstrual days and ensure they stay in school.


Mental health advocacy 

Teaching girls how to sew their own reusable pads empowering them to stay in school.

Women's economic empowerment 

Hosting community care groups and mental health first aid workshops to combat gender based violence. 

Women's wellness clinic

Promoting self-sustaining enterprises through female-led community lending circles. 

Reusable pad program

Providing low-cost and affordable critical health care services.

Desire Kirabo, President of I am a girl, passing out fabric to a group of women.

Who We Are

I Am A Girl (IAG) was founded by Kirabo Grace Desire in 2019 to promote, protect and advocate for the rights and wellbeing of women and girls in Mbale, Uganda. We are advocates of period justice, gender equality, and economic opportunity.


Women and girls are the hardest hit by issues like climate change and COVID-19. Economic instability has a trickle-down effect that devastates women’s access to education, healthcare, financial institutions and basic human rights. That is why there is no better time than now to invest in women and girls.

Empowered women  //  healthy societies 

How We Work

We use a women-centered, rights-based approach to build lasting change. Women and girls are experts on their own bodies and lives. Our programs work with women and girls to address their needs.


Our core belief is that no one should be left behind. We incorporate this value into our programs ensuring that women are at the center of our work with the inclusion of men and boys. To create lasting change means we must change behaviors as well as systems. 


We use a data-driven approach – a combination of lived experiences, literature reviews, and data collection – to measure our impact. By measuring programmatic results, we understand how to create change and design positive and impactful programs.

School aged girls in traditional ugandan dress sitting on benches inside a school house. They are smiling while looking at the camera.

Where We Work

I Am A Girl works on improving the daily lives of women and girls in Mbale, Uganda. 

Graphic map of Uganda with Mbale highlighted on the far eastern side of Uganda.
  • Provided menstrual education trainings in 17 schools.

  • Held 2 mental health first aid sessions.

  • Hosted 20 reusable pads sewing workshops with adolescent girls from 5 districts. 

  • Reached over 100 women with affordable healthcare at our women's wellness clinic.

  • Established five Women's Savings Groups with more than 50 women from multiple villages.

Support the fight to keep girls in school. 

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