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Periods shouldn't
stop progress
help us reach 10,000 girls.

Campaign Progress

Girls Education

Join our mission to empower girls in eastern Uganda with reusable menstrual pad workshops and crucial reproductive health education. In the communities we serve, over 11% of girls drop out of school due to menstruation. We're changing that because periods shouldn't stop progress.

Since January 2023, we've trained 7,000 girls, giving them the confidence and tools to manage their menstrual days and stay in school. But we're not stopping there – our goal is to reach 10,000 girls by year-end! And we need your help.

Your support toward our $3,000 target, will help us get all the supplies – water-resistant fabrics, sewing machines, cover travel expenses to village schools, and supply amazing educational resources. We're making sure periods don't stop progress, and we're offering every girl in eastern Uganda the opportunity to fulfill her potential.

Let's make it happen — $3,000 dollars today has the power to impact 10,000 girls tomorrow.

Meet the girls we serve

How many girls world-wide have to stop going to school because of their periods?

1 out of 35

1 out of 13

1 out of 5

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